Case History

Trays drying after washing

Sector: Floricultural

Application: Cleaning, Drying and suction

GB Type: GB IE3, GB Plus

Application features:

Need to dry after washing and disinfecting the trays used for the germination of plants and flowers in the nursery after removal of the sprout.

The process involves immersing the tray in the washing tank directly from the storage warehouse. The amount of soil present inside the cavities forced a frequent replacement of the washing water itself, a progressive loss of the ability to clean the trays and also a large amount of mud to be collected from the tank itself, forcing continuous interruptions of the process.


Increase the quality of the washing process and avoid production interruptions for reclamation and water change.

Energy Consumption:
Limited energy consumption: just 6kW installed in total

The inclusion of a double suction station in combination with an air knife with GreenBlow Plus made it possible to remove all the soil inside the cavities before the washing process in the tank. This made it possible to use the same washing water for 10 times more trays, reducing process interruptions and increasing the productivity of perfectly washed and dried trays.