The GreenBlow air line includes all the components you need to create your own blowing portal.


Blowers : with electric or hydraulic motors for every need


Air Knives : with variable length up to 3 meters


Diffusers : the simplest way to blow the air


Smart Blow : custom-made diffusers for particular shapes


Ducting and couplings : everything you need to connect the elements of the system together


Brackets and supports: to install the system in a simple and versatile way


Filters : purifying the air used


Inverter : already setted for maximum performance



Suction Hood: with variable lenght and configurable


Cyclone: where the junk has been catched


High efficiency and low energy consumption and noises centrifugal blowers.

Made entirely of reinforced thermoplastic material, they are very light and resistant.



Basic Model

Three-phase asynchronous motor 2 poles 0,37KW
Efficiency class IE2 (70%)
RPM 2740 - 50 HZ max
Usage without inverter



Intermediate Model

Three-phase asynchronous motor 2 poles 0,37KW
Efficiency class IE3 (78%)
RPM 3600 - 65 HZ max
Usage with or without inverter



Top Range

6 poles permanent magnet synchronous motor 2,20KW
Efficiency class IE3 IE4 (91,8%)
RPM 4500 -225 HZ max
Usage with inverter



Hydraulic drive 2,6cc/R complete with flux regulator valve
RPM 4000 max
Complete of brackets, tubes and anti-vibrators elements.


The cheapest way to distribute the air flow from the blower.
Available in different widths, they have an adjustable inclination to better manage the air flow
(more or less direct on the product).
They are the ideal choice to obtain powerful and localized air flows.

Smart Blow

A series of customized diffusers that, in a small space, allow you to dry all product surfaces, even of particularly complex shapes.

The final edge shape of the diffuser can be made according to drawing, reflecting exactly the shape of the bottle / jar to be dried.

This type of diffuser is used where the line speed is so high that drying must be extremely fast and effective.

Furthermore, where the space for the blowing system is so small that it does not allow the use of the standard components of our line (diffusers and air knives) that are more bulky, but cheaper.

Air Knives

The most versatile and flexible solution to obtain a fast and homogeneous air flow.

Air knives have a customizable width that can reach up to 3 meters.

Some have a fixed outlet section, others variable depending on the type of air flow required for the application (changing the speed / flow rate).

Available with lateral connections (single or double) but also with central T inlet (single or multiple) to obtain the maximum result of flow homogeneity.

Each air knives has been designed to obtain the maximum performance from the blower applied to it.

Suction Hood

The most versatile and flexible solution for obtaining effective suction over the entire width.

The suction hood is made up of a T-shaped manifold and two lateral aluminum profiles.
This structure allows extreme flexibility: by cutting the profiles to size and combining multiple manifolds, it is possible both to cover the exact width of each line and to reach important widths.

Available in two versions: in combination with one of our air knives (maximum system performance) or stand-alone.


The cyclone removes dust (PM10 and PM2.5) and residues aspirated from the hood from the air flow, collecting them inside the tank.

The cyclone is equipped with a small tank (about 6 liters of volume), but in the case of more voluminous residues it is possible to remove it and use a connector that allows you to use other larger containers.

The cyclone is totally made of thermoplastic material allowing an extremely low weight.


Inverters are supplied already programmed to obtain maximum performance from our blowers, with maximum reduction of consumption, noises and vibrations.

The software have wizards for setting parameters such as: speed, sensor activation, etc …

It is possible to activate a “predictive maintenance” section that allows you to send an alert when it is time to clean / change the filters.

It can be used both in manual mode via the integrated keypad or via an external sensor / PLC.

Inverters are available equipped with integrated electrical panel with IP55 or IP66 and, on request, an IP20 model.


The GreenBlow catalog includes different types of Filters.

This light and compact accessory is applied to the suction case of the fans, helping to filter the air before being introduced into the diffusers / air knives.

All filters are designed so as not to reduce the performance of the fan.

In particular, the HEPA filter allows you to remove most of the bacteria and viruses present in

Collegamenti e connessioni

All the components of this family allow you to create a modular connection between the blower and the
diffusers or air knives with reduced pressure drops and reduced noise.

All components can be joined together quickly and easily by means of a male / female section.

Support and Brackets

Galvanized or stainless steel brackets, with different types of shapes that can facilitate the assembly of blowers, air knives and the entire blowing system, on existing lines.

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