A complete and flexible system

There is everything you need

The GreenBlow Air line is a complete, economical, high performance system, capable of generating a high speed air flow to be used in many applications and industrial sectors.

The line includes all the components necessary to create your own blowing/suction system without the need to search for other external components or specialized technicians

Stand alone and configurable system

No dedicated line parts are required for this system but can simply be integrated into any existing line.

Thanks to the variety of components present in the line, it is possible to study a customized layout depending on the system on which it is to be installed.

The system is also modular: it is possible to purchase only the necessary part (blowing, suction, filtering), with the possibility of integrating it even in subsequent steps.

Pull’n’Catch system can be purchased in a stand alone version (with integrated cyclone) or combined with a centralized suction system already present in the company.

Low cost system

and environment friendly

The Green Blow Air line allows a strong reduction in purchase, installation and maintenance costs and, last but not least, energy costs given the reduced consumption!

In fact, no system is required for its installation, but only a common 380V industrial power line.

The maintenance required, in addition to being extremely low, does not require the intervention of specialized operators.

Energy saving

The use of small electric motors and the high efficiency of the blower and all related components, considerably reduces energy consumption compared to similar solutions on the market.

Considering, for example, to create a 1000mm wide air knife, the use of the GreenBlow line involves a reduction in energy consumption and therefore in the quantity of CO2 produced, between about 80 and 98%, compared to to a compressed air solution.

Thanks to this savings, the applications performed so far have had a return on investment in a very short time.

Limited noise

PPE not required

The noise, between 70 and 80 dBA, depending on the fan used, does not require the use of PPE, even for operators working near the system.

In addition to the blowers, all the components of the line (e.g. air knives and diffusers) have also been designed with particular attention to this aspect.

The whole system can therefore be defined as having a low acoustic impact.

Reduced dimensions
and weight

The use of reinforced polymeric materials and aluminum allows to significantly
reduce weight, compared to competitors with the same installed power.

The whole system has an extremely small footprint, generally less than 1000mm
along the line advancement direction.

High air cleaning

The Pull’n’Catch system allows the capture of over 95% of the particles up to 5
microns present on the product.

In the case of larger debris (e.g. wood sawdust, small leaves, etc …) it is possible to reach
values higher than 99%.

The use of HEPA H14 filters downstream of the cyclone allows an accurate cleaning of the air flow blown by the blower. These filters are in fact able to retain 99.995% of the 0.3 micron particles, a size compatible with most bacteria and viruses, including the recent COVID-19.

During its operation, the system then sucks in air from the work environment and
purifies it in order to reuse it or introduce it into a centralized suction system.

A particular predictive maintenance function has also been provided within the inverters software capable of signaling when it is time to clean / replace the filter to maintain constant system effectiveness.