Case History

Tile cooling before digital printer

Sector: Ceramic

Application: Cooling

GB Type: GB Standard

Application features:
Lines with various speeds from 10 to 30 meters/minute with tiles of varying sizes from the classic 300×300 to 1200×1200 mm formats.

Cool the surface of the tile before decorating using digital printers and reach a surface temperature of around 45°-50° in order not to damage the nozzles of the printer itself.

Energy Consumption:
The energy consumption is about 1/10 compared to the use of an air conditioning cabin and usually less than 4Kw per battery of blower and air knife.

Notes on the results obtained:
The air blow generated by the Green Blow allows optimal and flexible management, being able to blow fresh air on the tile up to the digital print, allowing a considerable saving on the spare parts of the print nozzles (usually very expensive), and decreasing the consequent line stops in addition to a lower percentage of scraps in decoration phase.

We studied a special simulation software which, given some initial plant data, can simulate which solution can bring the best result.