Case History

Tiles Drying after lapping machine

Sector: Ceramic

Application: Drying

GB Type: GB Plus

Application features:
Lapping machine for tiles with size 1200 x 1200/600 with variable line speed from 8 to 12 meters per minute.
The original configuration included nr 2, 11 kw motors to power 6 air knives placed both above and below the sliding line. The modified configuration provide just 2 air knives with 4 Green Blow PLUS blowers.

Need to eliminate the washing water before storage and prevent any residual wetness from ruining the underlying tile.
Request for reduction of energy consumption.

Energy Consumption:
The result obtained was higher than expected, reducing energy consumption to ¼.

Notes on the results obtained:
The result both from an operational point of view and energy saving was higher than expected to the point that, after the first plant, they adopted the system on three other lapping lines.
From the first report on energy savings made by the Customer, they reached the break even point in just 4 months of activity.