Case History

PULL’n’CATCH® for contaminated air filtration

Sector: Industrial – Electrical appliances

Application: Suction

GB Type: GB Plus

Application features:
Installation of two double suction hoods under the workbench where the refrigerator doors are assembled through the use of hotmelt glue.

Blower together with HEPA filter are the motor and the air filter system that allow operator to breath clean air.

Eliminate as much as possible the contaminations due to the evaporation of the solvents present in the hotmelt glue process.

Energy Consumption:
2,2kW installed

The video was made using artificial smoke in order to have evidence that the system is working properly.

However, the suction in the open field is very effective by filtering the contaminated air from the solvents before reaching the face of the operators.

The air, before being released again into the environment, is filtered through a HEPA filter.