Case History

Fertilizer spreader with hydraulic GB

Sector: Agricultural

Application: Fertilizer spreader, seeding machine

GB Type: GB Hydraulic

Application features:
Installation on a fertilizer spreader machine.
The Blower blow the pellet fertilizer (or the seed) to fall into the ground evenly and steadily with a blow of air. The hydraulic GB powered directly from the tractor power take-offs.

Fertilize (or sow) in a timely manner thanks to the distribution obtained by blowing air through diffusers that bring the grain to the ground

Hydraulic version of GB is preferred as it is made of plastic material.
Blowers with hydraulic motors for agriculture are generally larger, have the drive from the cardan shaft that rotates at maximum at 1000 rpm which produces an insufficient blow of air both in terms of flow rate and speed. Even with the use of belts to increase the revolutions the result remains insufficient.
Furthermore, GreenBlow being made of polymeric material, it does not rust due to prolonged contact with the highly corrosive fertilizer on ferrous metals.