The flexible and modular solution for cleaning of products along the production lines

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Why this name: pull’n’catch ?

Why Push … Pull’n’Catch® ?

With this new project PULL’n’CATCH®, the “air cycle” closes, so far, all our products were dedicated to “blowing” air.
PULL’n’CATCH® complete the cycle with sucking and filtering part !

(PUSH) The air flow is generated by a low energy consumption centrifugal blowers equipped with IE3 and IE4 efficiency class motors, together with an air knife  .

(PULL) The suction hood  is made up of an intake manifold in plastic material to which 2 lateral aluminum profiles are combined which can be supplied with customized lengths to adapt to any line.

(CATCH) The cyclone removes most of the dust sucked by the hood from the incoming air flow and can be configured both with an integrated tank and with an outlet pipe that can be connected to a centralized tank.

General info

PULL’n’CATCH® is a new air suction and filtering system belonging to the GreenBlow® line, capable of eliminating dust and processing residues.

A second stage of filtration, thanks to the use of HEPA filterslimits the diffusion and inhalation of potentially carcinogenic substances such as PM2.5 and PM10, crystalline free silica, also favoring the elimination of bacteria and viruses (including Covid-19 ).

In addition to the very important function mentioned above, PULL’n’CATCH® is also a product:

  • competitive and with low energy impact: the system as a whole has a very competitive cost, also considering the energy savings due to the use of high efficiency IE3 and IE4 small size motors with a maximum consumption of 2.2kw (per single blower)
  • with low noise emissions: the whole system is designed to keep down the noise, managing to avoid the mandatory use of PPE, also in close proximity
  • small size: the space occupied on the line is really very small about 800mm and don’t need dedicated installations.
  • modular: many layouts are available to make it applicable to any existing system (see chapter “layout”)
  • increases the general safety of the working environment: increases the air quality of the workplace, thus increasing the workers’ health
  • predictive maintenance: the inverter has been equipped with a programming that automatically indicates when the filter requires maintenance / replacement, therefore before its effectiveness begins to decrease

What can suck?


The cyclone is the first stage of filtration and can capture dust and processing residuesshavings, leaves, or other larger debris.

These residues can be captured in an integrated tank (6 liters capacity), included in the supply, or diverted to the centralized suction system.


The system includes a second filtration stage (optional)
consisting of a filter available in both F9 class and HEPA H14.
This second filter is able to capture much finer particles such as: cement powder, crystalline free silica up to viruses and bacteria (including Covid-19).

The table indicates the typical particle size and the most appropriate filter to block them.

Possible layouts

The modularity and flexibility of the system provides great freedom of configuration depending on the system on which PULL’n’CATCH® it will be installed:

  • Stand-Alone Layout (Rendering 1 and 2): for Ex-Novo installations, totally autonomous, with the use of the integrated cyclone tank.
    In this case, the connection to the common 380V industrial power line is sufficient!
  • Layout with connection to centralized suction system (Rendering 2 and 3): installations that use the centralized suction system already present on site.
    Warning! The performance of this type of layout is strongly conditioned by one of the centralized extraction system.
  • Retrofit Layout (Rendering 3 and 4): if there is already an FM blowing system consisting of a GreenBlow® blower and an Air Knife, you can only buy the missing part (suction hood + cyclone) !
  • Double Layout (Rendering 5): for lines with high widths, the system will be doubled without loss of efficiency.

B2b and 3d files

All components of this new line are already available on our B2B catalogue and FM.Partcommunity:

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